Insurance Products & Services

Asset Preservation


Your financial security in retirement matters and so does the legacy you leave for the next generation.

Asset preservation is an integral component of any financial plan. Consider that:


  • A critical illness could necessitate the liquidation of assets which were earmarked for retirement or your estate.
  • Estate settlement costs could substantially diminish the value of your estate.


Insurance can play an important role in your financial plan as a tax-efficient asset preservation tool.

Income Generation


Regardless of where you are in your life, income is required to support your lifestyle. In your income earning years it's important to put plans in place which could help your income to continue, uninterrupted by disability.

If you have a family to support, then life insurance can be the appropriate financial tool to help replace your income in the event of your premature death. Your retirement years will see the conversion of your assets to income.

A variety of insurance strategies are available to either:


  • Supplement retirement income on a tax-preferred basis
  • Pay for long-term care expenses
  • Give you the choice of maximizing your retirement income while still leaving a legacy for your heirs.


John Michael Durant

Vice President, Estate & Insurance Advisor

Meet our partner, John Michael Durant of BMO Estate Insurance Advisory Services. John Michael provides you with the insurance solutions best suited to complement your wealth management strategy.

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