Our BUY-HOLD-SELL Philosophy

More people tell you when to buy than when to sell; as important as good buy discipline is a proper sell discipline.


Our BUY Philosophy

We focus on high quality businesses. High quality businesses have attractive economics such as high margins and high returns on equity. Also, a management team that not only strives for the best performance, but also thinks and operate like owners. And finally, clear results that can be seen within their financial statements.

Our HOLD Philosophy

Our optimal portfolios are diversified companies in largely unrelated industries with the size of each holding determined by many factors, the most important being how attractively valued the asset is.

Our SELL Philosophy

We are continuously striving to meet your changing goals and combine those with the constantly changing market trends. We carefully scrutinize every portfolio's holdings frequently to ensure that we are not missing out on any opportunities. If new investment opportunities arise we are never hesitant to pursue them, maintaining our promise to always act in your best interests.