My Investment Approach


Each client is unique, and there is no single solution that universally addresses every client’s needs. Whether you are investing for income or capital appreciation, I will design a strategy that will work for you. Portfolios are constructed on a diversified basis and trading turnover is moderate.


Nesbitt Burns’ award-winning research as well as that available to me from J.P. Morgan, Morningstar, Value Line and Bloomberg serve as the basis for my investment security selection.


I believe in an integrated approach to personal wealth management and my clients benefit from the expertise of our insurance and estate planning professionals.


My clients also enjoy Gateway internet access to their accounts and prompt attention to administrative detail.

The BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Program


As a Portfolio Manager I am able to offer The BMO Nesbitt Burns Managed Portfolio Account (MPA Program) to those clients who wish to delegate the day-to-day decision making and implementation responsibility of the investment process. This gives you freedom and peace of mind.


I provide clients enrolled in the MPA Program an annual written review of their investment portfolios’ progress, putting the results achieved in the context of the performance of our financial markets.


Minimum qualification for the MPA Program is $1,000,000.


I suggest you read my most recent factsheet to become familiar with the investing themes and types of companies that I think will reward my clients very well over time. I consider U.S. equities, a long-time particular focus of mine, to be my specialty and I think that incorporating America’s great companies is more critical than ever to having a well-diversified, top-tier quality portfolio. If after considering the info about our current portfolio and historical returns, you believe it’s time to upgrade your investment and wealth management, we would welcome a call.

Mark Lalonde, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Wealth Advisor

To arrange a complimentary consultation, please call my associate Daniel Khayat at 514-871-7006.

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