Podcast #3: March 20, 2024. Join us in the 3rd installment of the BMO Private Wealth Podcast, where we bring you in-depth discussions on the latest financial trends. In this episode, Investment Advisor John Cleary, and Portfolio Manager Troy Lalonde, tackle the recent CPI numbers the ever-looming question of inflation. They explore the potential ramifications of future rate cuts on the market and investors, cautioning against the pitfalls of rapid adjustments. From providing essential market updates to offering insights into future trajectories, Troy and John provide a comprehensive overview of the current financial landscape and offer valuable guidance for navigating the road ahead.


Podcast #2: February 15, 2024. In this episode, our senior wealth advisor, Francois Marceau, shares his expertise alongside a newer member of our team, John Cleary, with over 7 years of wealth management experience. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of taxes as they discuss the issuance of tax slips to our clients. Discover crucial information on RRSP deadlines and TFSA contribution limits that every investor needs to know. John also breaks down the latest CPI numbers, demystifying the complex world of inflation and its implications for your investments. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge, expert insights, and practical tips that will empower you on your financial journey.


Podcast #1: January 12, 2024. Welcome to the debut episode of The BMO Private Wealth Podcast! Join our seasoned advisors, Troy Lalonde with an impressive 30 years at BMO, and Francois Marceau, boasting 26 years of expertise. In this inaugural episode, get to know the key players of our team as Troy and Francois provide insights into the intricacies of wealth management. They delve into crucial topics such as TFSAs and RRSPs, ensuring our listeners are well-informed about these essential components of financial planning. Tune in for a captivating discussion that sets the stage for an enlightening journey into the world of private wealth management.