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Johanne Claveau, M.Sc.(fin.)
Allan Xavier, CFA
Vanessa Duclos

Tel: 800-363-6732
Fax: 514-286-3583

1501, ave. McGill College
Bureau 3200
Montréal, QC
H3A 3M8

Our Process

The Claveau Group offers leading discretionary portfolio management to:

  • Grow your assets

  • Preserve your wealth

  • Generate revenue in a tax efficient manner

Our disciplined approach is based on four pillars:

1. Attentive listening and thorough discussion

Asking the right questions is essential to knowing you better and understanding your goals. We take the time to discuss with you the individual characteristics of your situation including:

  • Yourself, your family and your business (if applicable)

  • Your values, vision and ambitions for the future

  • Your need for liquidity and income and your investor profile

  • Your expectations of us

2. Analysis and strategic planning

As trusted advisors, our role is to guide and assist you to realize your dreams and ambitions. Following our discussions, we will be in a position to develop:

  • Your financial plan

  • Your portfolio management strategy

  • Your wealth management framework

The strategies presented are based on a thorough analysis of your situation. We take great care to explain in detail the scope and impact of the proposed strategies on your wealth.

3. Development and implementation of the discretionary portfolio strategy

Our discretionary portfolio management is based upon a methodical investment selection and analysis of your needs in order to:

  • Establish your investment policy statement

  • Determine your asset allocation and optimal weighting according to your investor profile

  • Build your investment portfolio

4. Rigorous ongoing monitoring

We strive to earn and most especially, keep your trust. That's why we monitor your situation as it evolves and communicate regularly with you. We continually follow your portfolio to see how it is responding to economic conditions and financial markets. You can expect us to provide:

  • Regular meetings to reassess and redirect strategies to incorporate new objectives and changes in your personal circumstances

  • Quarterly performance reports of your investment portfolio

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