Every stage in life affects the accumulation, growth, and allocation of wealth. We can help you through each stage with clear financial outcomes. Here are some examples of areas in which we can help:

Wills & Estate Planning:

Although a difficult conversation to have, taking about your estate is one of the most important topics to discuss with your loved ones. We help our clients match their financial plan to their Estate Plan. Through our Professional Team of Experts we can refer you to our Estate Department, all the way through to a mediator who can help in having this difficult conversation.

Education Savings & Planning:

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) are not the only way to save for your child's education. We can help you determine which savings & investment tools are right for you and your family.

Achievement of Dreams in Retirement:

The basics of a retirement plan begin long before retirement. Life changes and new goals are at the top of your priority list. A dynamic financial plan & review schedule are key tools to help you meet your new dreams. We can help you with your financial plan or refer you to a foreign country real estate agent to help you find your ideal retirement living.

Working with Your Team of Experts:

Our holistic approach allows us to meet with our clients and their legal professionals in order to ensure the financial plan is in line with other important factors. Although we cannot provide in house legal advice, we have a large group of Professionals in the area in which to refer. Tax Planning: We understand which investments attract the most favourable taxation, but not all investments work for every investor. Our investment advice is tailored to your specific scenario. We help our clients during tax time by referring to tax professionals, working with accountants, and preparing supplements like T5's and gain loss reports.

Health & Life Insurance:

Our clients know exactly what kinds of insurance they have, what the benefits are, and if the coverage is right for them. Insurance needs can change and a second opinion isn't just for investments. We provide complementary insurance portfolio reviews.

Transitional Planning for Professional Practices:

Whether you are buying, selling, or building a professional practice, we have the contacts to help you get on your way. Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers and Engineers are some examples of professional practices that BMO Financial Group can help.

Administration of Portfolio:

Peace of mind is in the details. As a team we take pride in our organization and attention to details, which translates into a superior customer service experience. Whether we are making RRSP contributions or sending out income payments, we are proactive in the administration of your accounts.

Generational Planning:

Times are changing and the financial landscapes are becoming more complex. Saving is no longer a sole strategy, it is part of a more dynamic one; we help families map out their generational plan for the accumulation, preservation and transfer of wealth.

Expert Advice for Life Events:

When you need any advice let us be your first call; we can connect you to an expert in your area for anything from adoption agents to mediators to roofers to veterinarians. Let us be of service with our network of professionals.

Succession of Business Planning:

You are an entrepreneur but want to retire and don't know where to start. The Follows Group can help you create a financial and business succession plan specific to you and your business. Whether you groom an heir to your empire or sell your dynasty we are here to help.