Joanne Coker's experienced and knowledgeable approach to financial planning really helps take the stress out of investing.




Joanne Coker


Joanne’s strengths lie in her experience, knowledge, and attention to detail. Her clients include business owners, professionals, and retirees. Joanne is a Senior Wealth Advisor with over 20 years experience in Financial Services. Joanne has the expertise to match each client's unique situation with sound investment strategies. Detailed attention to tax situations and other financial circumstances ensures that the investment plan is tailored to a client’s specific goals, and will always stay within a predetermined risk level. Joanne has an office in both Picton and Belleville.

What are the traits you look for in an investment advisor?


Experience and longevity in the business are both important - many people don't realize that many financial advisors have less than five years in the business. A varied, extensive and up-to-date educational background is also a key factor. You want to be confident that your advisor is fully trained in all aspects of investment advice.

Personality should play a big role as well. Your advisor must have the flexibility to meet your changing needs, and you should feel very comfortable with your partner (feeling free to be frank about your financial goals and/or limits).

Frequency of client contact is another important factor. Many people's complaints about their existing advisor include that they rarely hear from them, that they would like to be given more attention and that they have begun to feel unimportant in the process.





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