Planning for the long term

We believe financial success takes planning. By partnering together we work to design and implement a financial plan helping you meet your investment needs and your long-term retirement goals.

Understanding your needs

The foundation of our partnership with you is its flexibility to meet and exceed your ever changing situation. We listen, and take the time to learn about you. Discuss your family, life goals, interests, and current retirement and investment strategy.

Customized investment solutions

Understanding your needs helps us determine what must be addressed today to reach your future goals. We have the ability to offer you a variety of investment solutions to help you get there. Choice, variety, flexibility, and access are the cornerstones of our relationship.

If you would like to email our team for more information click the team member below:

Graeme M. Carr, BBA, PFP
Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner
Tel.: 902 629-2038

Leslie Hambly, BBA
Administration Associate
Tel.: 902 628-6233