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Working With Us

Do You Have a Wealth Strategy?

We develop a customized wealth strategy to meet the unique needs and preferences of each client. Our wealth solutions includes a wealth plan, portfolio management and access to our internal team and external partners.

As part of our wealth services, we also coordinate your wealth strategy with estate, tax, insurance and business advisors.

How We Help

Our team acts as the CFO for your personal wealth, advising on wealth and investment strategies that include assets held in corporations and holdco.

Not Yet Thinking About Retirement
Prudent investors, looking for increased stability, enjoy the steady, predictable income generated by our cashflow portfolios.

Thinking about Retirement
As you approach retirement, your portfolio strategy may require a realignment. Our wealth plan maps out a comfortable transition, including a cashflow portfolio that supports a sustainable retirement lifestyle.

As a retired investor, you strive to maintain your lifestyle. Our wealth plans and cash flow portfolios provide predictable monthly income, which acts as a replacement to your paycheque.