Languages Spoken:
English, Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish and German



As your Investment Advisor, it is my duty to understand you as a person first and then as an investor. My approach begins with a detailed discussion of what your life has been, what you want it to be in the future, and how your savings will facilitate the lifestyle you desire. I firmly believe that each individual and family is unique in their pursuit for financial stability, flexibility and security.

Understanding Your Needs

I realize how important and confusing it can be to navigate through the financial environment. I take extra care to listen and then communicate in a language you will understand. It is my job to ensure that you have options for your financial solutions and a clear path to a financially secure future.

My Specialities:

  • Investment Portfolio Management

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Will and Estate Planning

  • Philanthropy

  • Income and Asset Preservation