Our Process

 Establish Goals

We offer a detailed wealth plan to each of our clients. This includes a full financial picture: net worth statements, cash flow summary, retirement and estate analysis. This assists clients in clearly defining goals. We incorporate actionable takeaways and identify obstacles that may impede goals. 


 Provide Recommendations

The wealth plan forms the foundation of our investment recommendations. It helps us create a portfolio that is consistent with your risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals. As discretionary portfolio managers, we have an added fiduciary responsibility to ensure client's investment and asset mixes are consistent with their goals. 



We put your plan into action by providing an Investment Policy Statement that outlines our financial management practice. 


 Review and Renew

A wealth plan serves limited benefit if it is placed in your office drawer and not reviewed for several years. We review your plan on an annual basis and renew every three to five years or as your circumstances change. 


At the end of our four step process, our clients tell us they feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They find comfort knowing that our team understands all aspects of their family's financial affairs. 

Above all, our clients feel confident, and confidence is the key to financial success.