Wealth Management Services

Q: What do you do, Derek?
I help clients reach their financial goals, by helping with properly invested portfolios and related wealth management services.

Q: We'll get to "related services"​ in a moment, but first, how do you help with portfolios?
 There's always much going on in the world economy and markets. Also, every person and organization has unique hopes, fears, goals, past experiences and financial circumstances that must be understood and respected. We build portfolios taking this into account.

Q: How do you build portfolios?
We literally build institutional caliber portfolios by accessing the same money management firms hired by pensions and large institutions, combined with mutual funds and ETFs as appropriate. This results in disciplined and diversified portfolios.

Q: Do you have a minimum portfolio size for clients?
That varies depending on circumstances. $250,000+ can be used as a general guideline. $500,000 to $1 million+ is typical.

Q: What about maximum portfolio size?
Our team is capable and competitive up to $100 million depending on portfolio type. Beyond that, I make arrangements for introduction to our institutional partners.

Q: How much are fees?
Our fees are efficient and competitive. I'm not trying to avoid this question, but investment costs vary case by case depending on the type of portfolio and size of accounts.

Q: What are "other related services"​ you referred to earlier?
Things like estate planning - for example to deal with sometimes huge anticipated tax burdens at death. Financial and retirement projections help clients understand how long client money will last, if goals will be met, etc. We also help clients analyze financial risk at different life stages and situations, and make recommendations around that.

Q: What's the best way to contact you?
Call me direct at 306-343-3688 or email derek.shevkenek@nbpcd.com.

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