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Shawn Pitre
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Tel: 519-344-6872

429 Exmouth Street
Suite 203
Sarnia, ON
N7T 5P1

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We Help Busy People Simplify and Organize Their Financial Lives.

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan"  -  Eleanor Roosevelt

Many of our clients come in to our office saying that they are "squirreling money away" but really don't know if it's going to be enough or how they will draw income to support their retirement lifestyle. If you are like our clients, you find the investment world and financial planning concepts confusing, you don't know where to start,  you don't have an interest in learning or you are just simply are busy with family, caregiving or career.

That's where the Dennis-Rawson Wealth Advisory Group comes in.

Your team helps you slow down so you can speed up! We start by having a holistic converstion to assist you in articulating what is important to you, setting up your short & long term goals and understanding what is keeping you up at night. We then conduct a full assessment of where you are today along with your  current net worth. The final stage, we present a personalized financial plan with an easy to follow list of recommendations and next steps to clearly show you what you need to do, to get you where you want to go.

- Creating Dependable Income Today, Tomorrow, Together -