Managing Your Wealth

This is a helpful resource summarizing important tax, retirement and estate planning information.
2024 Wealth Planning Facts & Figures


Rates Scenario, covering currencies and markets outside of the U.S. and Canada.
Rates Scenario
Strategic commentary and an overview of financial markets.
Equity and Fixed Income Strategy

Economic and Market Updates

The Goods, BMO's monthly commodity price publication.
The Goods
The Global Equity Weekly provides timely analysis of major economic trends, and how they impact stocks and financial markets more broadly. The latest economic data, interest rate moves and earnings trends all drive the performance of your portfolio. In addition to analysis from the Economics team, this report offers a set of charts and tables to track market performance.
Global Equity Weekly
Focus is the flagship publication of the BMO Economics team. This weekly publication covers major economic developments, provides updated forecasts, looks ahead to the key events of the upcoming week, and provides detailed insights into key economic issues.

Educational Resources

Understanding the Three Major Asset Classes:Cash, Bonds and Stocks
Investing Handbook
Investing requires patience and a long time horizon. What happens day to day in the market can often serve as a distraction from meeting your goals.
Canadian Bull and Bear Markets
Growth of a $100,000 Investment (1972 - 2022)
Growth of a $100,000 Investment (1972 - 2022)