Wealth Management

The Value of Working with a BMO Nesbitt Burns Advisor
With wealth comes responsibility. You may be responsible for the financial well-being of yourself, your family, or other entities such as a business, foundation, or endowment. In all likelihood, your financial and life management requirements go well beyond traditional investment advice.

You need someone you can trust to help you address all the complexities of your financial affairs. I can help you benefit from a truly integrated approach to wealth management that encompasses investing, banking, estate and tax planning, insurance, cross-border planning, business succession and more.

What are Your Wealth Management Objectives?
I am a part of a collaborative team of wealth services professionals from across the BMO Financial Group. This team includes private banking professionals, estate, tax, trust and insurance advisors, and financial planners. Whatever your personal wealth management objective may be, the depth of our expertise ensures that we are able to present you with relevant and fully customized solutions.

A Family Affair
At BMO Nesbitt Burns, we firmly believe that wealth management is a family affair. In order to attain your family's goals, it is important to know where you are today, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

I can help you focus on the emotional as well as the financial aspects of family wealth management. Working collaboratively with you, your family, and members of your wealth management team, I will recommend customized strategies for achieving all of your wealth management objectives.

Our integrated and multi-disciplinary wealth management process addresses all aspects of managing, protecting and transfering wealth, including investments, insurance, taxes, estates, retirement, cash management, planned giving, trusts and wills. BMO Nesbitt Burns follows a structured approach to family wealth management, because we believe it's important to address the whole picture, and leave nothing to chance.

Succession Planning
If you own a business, it may be your single most valuable asset. As such, planning the succession of your business can be a very significant part of your overall wealth management strategy.

Succession planning is a process - not an event - and should typically begin three to five years in advance of any anticipated change. A good plan integrates all aspects of your wealth strategy, including estates and trust, investments, tax planning and philanthropic goals. Proper planning can ensure the ongoing stewardship of the business you've worked so hard to build, and adds to the long-term financial security of your family.

Charitable Giving
If making the world a better place is important to you, BMO Nesbitt Burns can help you achieve philanthropic objectives through a variety of tax-efficient planned giving strategies. There are a number of options to choose from, such as giving a cash donation to your favourite charity, gifting publicly-traded securities to a private foundation, making a charity the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, donating a life annuity or RRSP/RRIF, or bequeathing a sum of money in your will to the charity of your choice.

Whatever your philanthropic desires may be, I can help you implement a giving strategy that is highly rewarding and in line with your overall wealth management priorities.