How can a CFA charterholder benefit you?

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The Difference

Within the investment industry, it is well known that the epicentre of a wealth management plan is the investment decision making process. The actual day to day execution of the portfolio management process is of ultimate importance. The reason is simple. Rates of return that are lower than you planned could dramatically alter your retirement activities. With lower returns, your living standards could be lower. You could have fewer life options and lower life satisfaction.

You may hear that the provision of holistic financial planning is the basis for determining how to choose an investment advisor. Investment professionals know better. Financial plans are readily available everywhere for those who need them. It’s the rate of return, consistent with the risk level desired, that is most important. This revelation should not be a surprise to anyone. As in politics, marketing rhetoric and promises are cheap. The challenge lies in identifying who has the ability to execute with consistency on a daily basis. Not many people can do this.

As the information behind the icon above right will tell you, the gold standard in the investment world is the CFA charter. The CFA icon indicates that you are dealing with an investment manager whose designation is recognized worldwide as representing investment excellence. Why settle for anything less?

Brian Miatello has been a CFA Charterholder since 1992.

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