Our Process

How I Work with You


We start by getting to know each other & discovering your financial goals.

Each of my client relationships is founded on trust and understanding. In our first meeting we will uncover what matters to you, what your goals are, your current financial position, who matters most in your life, what your financial aspirations are, and what your ideal legacy looks like.

Building a financial plan tailored to you.

Next, my partners and I will build a complete financial plan for you. The plan is a living document that you can refer to at any time to help understand your current and future financial picture. Furthermore, I will provide you with advice on how your money should be invested in order to align with your individual goals.  


Together, we monitor the plan & the advice to ensure it's working.

There are two key elements to a successful financial plan: 

1) True Long-Term Time Horizon 

2) Regular Communication


Things change, and as they do we will stay on top of your plan to keep it relevant.

Your needs are multi-dimensional, so are our capabilities.