Our Process

While each situation is different, the proven process we employ is consistent and reflects our ongoing commitment to client-focussed service:


We first gain clarity about your values, goals, and current financial picture. We guide you through a discovery of what you want your wealth to accomplish. This may include not only investments, but also reviews of your estate and insurance planning and your personal lending needs.

Customized Wealth Plan

Understanding what you want to achieve, we tailor a personalized plan that provides solutions designed to meet your objectives.

Implementation and Portfolio Building

We develop an investment strategy and construct a customized portfolio designed to give you peace of mind by selecting a diversified selection of high quality securities.

Ongoing Support

We endeavour to create and maintain long-term client relationships. Regular contact and communication ensures we stay aware of your changing circumstances and keep you informed regarding your portfolio.

Additional Services


  1. On-Line Account Access

  2. Educational Seminars

  3. Referrals to other professionals with whom you may wish to consult

  4. Newsletters