The Kastanis Wealth Advisory Group has your financial well-being at heart


Wealth Management is about more than just investment, retirement or estate planning. It is a comprehensive approach for building, managing and preserving wealth so that together we can achieve your family’s personal and financial goals.

More importantly, wealth management provides "peace of mind" to allow you to concentrate on those other things that are of real importance in life - Family, Health and Spirit.

We draw on a combined 30 years of experience in the areas of Banking and Investments, and our clients benefit from our individual, customized approach to understand them and their financial needs. 

Working with clients using a consultative approach and being pro-active with ideas adds value on an ongoing basis. Our focus is on the time spent with every client to fully understand their unique financial goals and to educate them with respect to the range of products and services that are available to meet those goals.


Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management Solutions


Languages Spoken:
English, Greek and Polish


Committed to providing financial peace of mind by creating customized investment strategies designed to improve portfolio returns while keeping risk at acceptable levels