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Angela Galer-Grist

Associate Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, CFP®

Tel: 905-681-6031
Toll Free: 1800-403-8147
Fax: 905-681-2953

Angela Galer-Grist
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429 Elizabeth Street
Burlington, ON
L7R 2L8

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Investment Planning

Planning Your Investment – Designed specifically for you

Here's what I will do for you:
- Take the time to know you and your situation

- Help you build an investment plan that is right for your goals and your life

- Provide you with the key elements of a solid investment plan

- Help you achieve that balance with a comprehensive financial plan

You'll thereby gain the confidence that comes from knowing you have a comprehensive financial plan designed specifically for you.

'Angela is a very dedicated , honest, reliable and professional financial advisor. She is a good listener and attentive to every detail of each situation involved in the investment process. I am very impresssed with the follow up she does even after papers have been signed.Good job , Angela! Please keep it up! I strongly recommend Angela as a financial advisor.' M.C.

My Investment Planning Process

- Net Worth Statement – The process begins with your Net Worth Statement, a snapshot of your current financial situation.

- Questionnaire and Goal – Detailed questionnaire and a thorough discussion of your short, medium and long term goals.

- Wealth Management Plan – The roadmap of how to get from your current financial situation to attaining your future lifestyle goals.

- Investment Area Analyses – To help achieve your financial goals, we will evaluate 5 key areas of the financial spectrum;

Insurance Planning I will work with you to help you choose the right type and amount of insurance using objective calculations while working with our Estate and insurances Specialist.

B- Education We will identify whether or not you have put the necessary funds in place to provide for your children's education and how to optimize government grants.
C- Estate Planning It is essential to work with an Estate Lawyer to draft your ill and powers of attorney for health and property to ensure your final wishes are carried out in the most tax efficient manner.

D- Retirement Planning Using NaviPlan, a customized software, I can demonstrate the effects of inflation on taxes on your retirement income and determine how much money your will need to support your desired retirement lifestyle.

E- Tax Planning Working closely with your accountant , we will ensure your investment portfolios are constructed in a tax efficient manner.

Cycle of Investment Planning

1- Understanding Your Needs - Portfolio construction begin based upon your risk tolerance and return objectives. Includes consultations with your accountant to ensure tax smart security selection.

2- Building Your Portfolio – Drafting an investment policy statement, determination of asset mix for registered and non register investments, security selection and portfolio monitoring.

3- Finalizing Your Paperwork– Consultation with Estate Lawyer to ensure properly drafted wills and power of attorney for health and property.

4- Reviewing Your Investment– Quarterly Contact and an annual meeting to review, rebalance and make adjustments to wealth management plan as required.

If you are not happy with your current investment portfolio or financial situation, contact me today to get your investment planning done.