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Yves Poirier

Vice-President, Wealth Advisor

Tel: 514-428-2900
Fax: 514-428-2939
Toll Free: 1800-567-1170
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Yves Poirier
Karen Abel

1501, avenue McGill College
32e étage
Montréal, QC
H3A 3M8

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When we talk to our clients about their wealth management plan, we focus on life issues first rather than on money issues. We know that financial goals should not just be centered on just your investment objectives and strategies. The broader financial picture is often far more complex and many aspects of managing wealth require specialized attention. The Poirier Wealth Advisory Team believes that proper planning should employ a comprehensive, life-based approach. By looking at the big picture, our clients gain a sense of security and have greater peace of mind knowing that all aspects of their life have been considered. Our team understands that there are a lot of reasons why a client may stay awake at night worrying about their money. As trusted wealth advisors, we work closely with our clients to provide them with the assurance that they have an appropriate plan in place.

Our approach to managing your wealth is both consultative and disciplined in nature. We begin by sitting down with you to discover those issues that are important to you and your family. Once we thoroughly understand your goals and concerns we will use our systematic process to develop a customized wealth management plan to meet your needs.

1. We start by working with you to clarify your goals and identify concerns that you have that may impact your ability to meet those goals.

2. We help you analyze and prioritize your needs (short and long term) as you see them. Together, we document the resources that you currently have at your disposal.

3. Working together we define and outline your goals and clarify the role that the Wealth Management process will play.

4. We will then present concepts that help you better understand where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Working together we can identify any gaps and come up with the appropriate solutions.

5. We develop short and long term alternatives, to give you the best options available to consider.

6. Together, we reach consensus on specific solutions under each strategy; this is the beginning of an ongoing plan to manage both your money and your personal life goals. At this stage, we will ask you to commit to those strategies that together we feel will best meet your needs.

7. We implement the plan and keep you informed. Once we have put the plan in place, we work with you on a regular basis to review and monitor it. We use our resources and advice to ensure that the plan remains on target to meet the goals you have set out.

8. Your plan receives continual review to keep it current and aligned to your goals. We meet on a regular basis to update it and add new information.