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MBA, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada

Languages Spoken:
English, Chinese(Mandarin)

Investment Planning and Retirement Planning.
Customized Cdn & US Income Strategies.
Convertible Bonds and IPOs
Canadian and U.S. Stocks, Income trusts and Mutual Funds
Estate & Tax Planning, Retirement & Estate Accounts, Insurance & Annuities.

My Mission
I am committed to working with you and your family to provide you with personalized investment and financial solutions, ongoing financial reviews and a wide range of investment services such as Investment Management and Financial Planning in order to help you and your family achieve your financial goals.

My Philosophy
I firmly believe that your interests are best served by taking a fully diversified portfolio approach to investing and employing the principles of dollar-cost-averaging to take advantage of market volatility and enhance returns. I will work closely with you to formulate customized investment strategies designed to improve portfolio returns, while keeping risk at acceptable levels.

My Approach
I will meet with you on a regular basis, to assess your investment and financial planning strategy to ensure that you are on target in meeting your goals. If any changes are necessary I will provide recommendations to maintain your overall objectives and risk tolerance levels. This will ensure an ongoing consultative process that will solidify a long-term relationship.