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William Simpson

Investment Advisor & Associate Portfolio Manager

Tel: 416-359-7735

William Simpson
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1 First Canadian Place
40th Floor
Toronto, ON
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What do we do for our clients?

1)Comprehensive Financial, Wealth and Retirement Planning

 Having a comprehensive financial, wealth and retirement plan is the best assurance of living your dream.  While these plans are comprised of complex components and strategies, they work in cadence to simplify your financial and personal life.  Designing, executing and monitoring such plans requires sophisticated skills and experience. 
As an investment manager for BMO Nesbitt Burns, I am uniquely positioned to serve my clients with access to the full spectrum of resources that address their wealth management needs.  For over 100 years, we have worked with individuals, families, businesses and institutions to deliver wealth advisory solutions that help build, preserve and transition their wealth.  Our capabilities include investment management, financial and retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance strategies, and lending. 
I have started every client relationship with the end game in mind.  I learn about you, your family, your aspirations and values.  My commitment is to build a relationship with you, not just your money.  What I learn helps me design highly customized solutions that combine sophisticated investment platforms with a high-touch service model.  It’s a holistic approach that involves frequent communications so we’re able to track, review and adjust your portfolio as market and personal circumstances change. 

2)Goals Based Investment Management

 Goals based investment management is not about financial products.  It’s about you, your family and everything that gives your life meaning.  It’s why static advice and “one-size-fits-all” investment products are no longer valid in today’s economic climate.  We plan today so we are prepared for no matter what tomorrow brings. 
My approach to goals based investment management touches upon all the stages of wealth.  Wealth accumulation may be important, but it’s equally relevant to look down the road to the time when we draw upon the assets. It’s one reason I employ a personal pension style of investment management that is highly client-centric and focused on goals-based returns.  I further add value to the plan by carefully analyzing asset allocation, security selections and making tactical shifts when circumstances warrant.
Goals based investment management entails exceptional skills, practical experience and a commitment to know what’s going on in the world that might impact their financial position.  It’s why I stay connected to news and current events with almost fanatical fervor.  When something important happens, my clients know I’ll alert them first. 

3)Exceptional Level of Client Service

 One of the greatest advantages I offer my clients is a level of service rarely found in my profession.  From the intensity of my work ethic to the frequency of my proactive communications, I strive each day to exceed their expectations. 
Conversations I have with clients tend to be informal in tone which generally matches my personality and theirs.  When conducting business, we know each other so well we talk, think and act like friends. When I tell them with a tongue-in-cheek grin they can expect Ritz-Carlton service with FedEx efficiency, their reaction puts a smile on both our faces. 
My clients enjoy knowing there are never any surprises that will compromise our trusting relationship.  Full transparency means they know exactly what to expect.  I review the Investment Policy Statement with each one in detail, explaining everything and answering all questions.  Our regularly scheduled reviews are conducted in person or over the phone, whichever they prefer.  I’m viewed by some clients not only as their trusted advisor, but an extension of their family from whom they will seek advice, guidance and counsel on matters beyond finance.  It’s why I’m accessible to my clients any day, any time and for any reason.