Business Owners

How we help Business Owners


Divesting or downsizing your business

You are likely attached emotionally and personally to the companies you have built, and it’s hard to give up ownership of something that has exacted so much blood, tears and sweat equity. The psychological toll can be overwhelming, and as a former student of psychology I understand the challenges and pitfalls you face.
Your company is likely your most important asset, requiring thoughtful consideration and planning with respect to the next generation who may or may not carry on the family business. Whether the company is retained within your family, expanded by acquisition, or sold to a third party, proper planning will ensure that your family’s goals and objectives can be met.

We can design a plan that fits your needs, to create tax-efficient cash flow, plan for business succession and find suitable investment products for short- or long-term capital investment. I can guide you every step of the way.  
The decision to divest can be a long process, and I won’t rush you. You may need to wait for a son or daughter’s decision – and to allow yourself the time to decide whether, when, and how to let go of the reins. I can help you to weigh the variables and what-ifs and bring in seasoned experts from BMO Private Wealth to help you visualize different options. Once you’re ready to sell, I can help you make the right choices with confidence.

Transitioning into retirement

Investing the proceeds of your divestiture wisely. I am well positioned to invest your hard-earned capital in a balanced, resilient portfolio designed to generate a steady stream of retirement income. Beyond customized portfolio construction – the skills of asset allocation and balancing risk against reward – you can expect advice as you transition from business owner to retiree.
Planning thoughtfully for your retirement years based on your goals and priorities. We will create a comprehensive financial roadmap through ongoing, strategic and practical advice rooted in experience, discipline, and attention to on your short- and long-term objectives. During this process, I often work with my business partners at BMO, Wealth Planner Magnus Aaserud and Estate and Insurance Advisor Sarah King, as well as trusted professionals in BMO Commercial or Business Banking.
Starting to pay yourself. Typically, most business owners are frugal savers who have known how it feels to worry about making payroll. They usually don’t enjoy spending money. My financial plans can help them to see that they really can afford to retire and helps them recognize how much they can afford to spend.
You may wonder what your purpose will be once you give up your company. I can guide you to move your ideas forward in a new direction and act as a sounding board so you can bounce possibilities off an objective observer.

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