At The Brezer, Mandell, Reems & Hao Group we provide families, individuals and corporate entities with investments, wealth management and estate planning.



As your Investment and Estate Advisors, we identify and monitor your investment goals, risk profiles and then implement the strategies required to achieve these goals.

Our Practice

We challenge successful and wealthy individuals not to accept mediocrity with their financial goals. As a Wealth Advisory team we are committed to creating an extraordinary financial contribution to our client's lives by providing in depth council in the areas of corporate structure, succession, retirement, estate and philanthropic planning.

It has been our experience that with today's busy lives many people are so focused on business and family that other areas like finances and longer term planning get neglected. We look to break that status quo and get our clients back on track. We help by putting the necessary plans and structure in place so that outcomes are not left to chance. As much as we need to grow your wealth, we also need to focus on ways to preserve it. In many cases, this will be a collaborative effort working with your accountant, lawyer and tax advisor in creating the necessary structure.

Our team's specializes and addresses the needs of our clients in this area and ensures an orderly transition of assets to future generations.



Team Specialties:


Portfolio and Investment Management
Financial, Retirement & Estate Planning
Trust and Executor Services
Estate and Wealth Transfer
Tax Minimization Strategies
Cash Management
Trust Set-up & Management
Proactive Risk Management
Insurance Planning
Multi generational Transfer of Wealth
Private Banking and Complex Lending Structures


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