Life Transitions

At the Biddle Johnston Wealth Management Team, our goal is to bring both life and money together in order to work for you. Our goal is always to understand you as people, not just money. We do this by making a personal connection with you, our client, and implementing our financial planning processes to what matters the most to you.

Life is a Journey...

We've all heard this age old saying - and it couldn't be more true to us! Life really is a journey as you transition from one stage of life to another. Life Transitions are the different stages, changes and events that happen through the life cycle. For some people, they follow a relatively straight path...


For most others, however, transitions come in waves that are not organized into a straightforward road map. Life is a journey, and the only constant in life is change!


For every transition, happy or otherwise, there are four implications:

Practical, Emotional and Family implications is where most people focus, and the Financial/Legal implication is where our team focuses.

Let's take Marriage for an example...

We can see the implications laid out separately: the Practical (planning the event, moving), the Emotional (joy and excitement, as well as anxiety), the Family (who is invited? who pays?) and the Financial/Legal (cost of the event, marriage license, name change, will and POAs).

Our job is to link all of these implications together to make a detailed picture of your next life transition. We want to be your educator, your guide, and your coach.

The following tool allows clients a format to use to plan for, or react to a life transition they may be facing. It includes all four implications and provides space to list them along with ways to address them.

Implications of Life Transition Tool  

Everyone's path is unique! And your journey will be shaped by the decisions you make during each transition and how you navigate through the detours you may face along the way. As a result, it's important to understand some of life's bigger transitions to ensure you're better prepared to navigate your way through these important crossroads. 

Please use the Life Transition tab on our site to explore the many stages in life that we are happy to assist you with!