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Tyler Hughes Pinder
R. Tate Pinder
Heather Rogers

Tel: 403-260-9316

Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1100
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

Acumen Clarity Purpose

We firmly believe in advising with Acumen, Clarity & Purpose


  • Intrinsic value is what matters -the rest is noise.
  • It is possible to both protect your capital and earn superior investment returns at the same time. These goals are not mutually exclusive.
  • Investing in quality companies with a proven track record of income and dividend growth and strong balance sheets
  • Selecting the right asset mix to match investors' needs
  • Sectoral returns drive the majority of portfolio returns
  • Active investment management is necessary to reduce risk and maximize returns
  • Volatility is niether good or bad and can be used to maximize returns
  • Alternative investments have a place in the modern portfolio


  • Listening to clients' desires and help to educate
  • Communicate with clients the thesis of investment recommendations
  • Understanding clients' needs and future goals


  • Ensure the right investments are in place to achieve our clients' goals and objectives