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Tyler Hughes Pinder
R. Tate Pinder

Tel: 403-260-9316

Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1100
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

Who Are you?


If any of the following resonate with you, please contact us and we would be happy to sit and have a chat.

How do I build wealth? 
For most of us, building wealth is a marathon…not a sprint. Let us show you how to get there (and keep you there).
I have made my money, saved and now retirement is on the horizon.  
Let us help protect what you have saved, allocate the money properly and generate income….get out there and live life!
I have my nest egg; I would like explore unique opportunities! 
They abound and our experience will help parse out the good from the bad.

I am saving for retirement but is it enough and is it being invested properly?  I feel I need guidance on how to allocate my money and how much to save.  
We provide clarity for our clients as to where they are vs where they want to be. Let us help you map out a plan to save, invest and build wealth through every stage of your life. 
I am selling my business…am I structured properly? How do I maximize the value?
We can provide the acumen to ensure you are structured before hand to ensure tax efficiency and in many cases help market the company for sale .
I have lost my spouse.
You do not have to walk through this alone. We can help ensure estate wishes are fulfilled and help with the transition, and build a wealth plan for you and the next stage of your life.