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Tyler Hughes Pinder
R. Tate Pinder
Heather Rogers

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Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
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Looking for a Strategy?

Buying is easy…it's selling that is hard.

We provide clients with an objective rule based strategy & we help remove the emotional element of investing.  It is through strategy that the question of when to sell is addressed.

However, having both buy AND sell disciplines wins out. The challenge is keeping the discipline when emotions run high due to market fluctuations. Our solution is to provide clients an objective rule based strategy which rigorously adheres to sound fundamentals providing both a buy and sell discipline. This has produced winning results over long periods while not relying on market timing.

If you are looking for a proven disciplined strategy based on fundamentals (and not media headlines) we would welcome a chat.

Please see the Publications tab for more on our firm's investment strategy.