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Tyler Hughes Pinder
R. Tate Pinder
Heather Rogers

Tel: 403-260-9316

Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower
525 8th Avenue SW
Suite 1100
Calgary, AB
T2P 1G1

We thought we would share some feedback we have recieved from clients.

A senior manager at Encana believes:

    • Tyler constantly checks in with me, which is not what I am accustomed to in a financial advisor. It makes me feel that he values our relationship.
    • Tyler pays attention – he listens, we discuss, and we decide. I appreciate that he respects my input.
    • Tyler is confident in explaining what our mutual decisions are based on. He speaks to my level of understanding, with consideration.
    • Tyler always consults me before acting, such that I feel I am always involved in the business of my own financial affairs.
    • I trust Tyler. I feel like I am (finally) being taken care of. I never feel like I am being taken, which is how I felt in the past.
    • It is clear to me that Tyler truly enjoys his career and the clients that are part of it. You cannot fake his level of enthusiasm or commitment.

Here is some feedback from a senior manager at Husky Energy: 

    • Tyler has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition.
    • He has good judgment, a mature outlook and a logical and practical approach to his decisions.
    • He is up to date and right on top of market trends.
    • He is quick to respond by contacting me then moving our investments when markets are changing.
    • He treats us like we are his family and really cares that we reach our financial goals.
    • He sends out his daily newsletter which I share with my family, friends and coworkers.
    • He is the first financial Advisor in years to exhibit the ability to meet our financial goals.
    • Tyler is a valuable asset to my family and I, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

Here are a few more:

     I was looking for an organization to help me with my investments, and allow me to retire with the income my family requires as well as long term security.  I contacted several organizations, and all of them seemed had great programs that would give me the service I needed.  However, one organization stood out as the contact person (Tyler Pinder) made it his business to find out who I was and what I needed.  He took the time to develop working plans for me to look at, and was always available to discuss any concern I had.  Although I never gave him any indication I may chose his organization, he continued to keep in touch to support me but never tried to pressure me into making a decision.

     When I decided to give Tyler Pinder the account, I found that he worked even harder looking after than he did to get it.  He immediately made the changes required to put me in a more secure and much more profitable situation.  He had a retirement plan developed for me that helped me make the adjustments I needed that would allow my family to maintain our lifestyle without creating financial problems.

     Over the years, Tyler has made a real effort to get to know what is important to us, and he has managed our account to give stability with growth far beyond our expectations.  Although I totally trust him, and am too busy to get involved with every transaction, he still keeps me informed with financial information and personal contact so I can get involved whenever I am able.  Tyler discreetly gives me the opportunity to give input on every transaction so that I stay informed, and could get involved at any time.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Tyler Pinder to anyone.

Retired Operations Manger, Calgary


The things a discerning client looks for in an investment advisor is what Tyler brings to the table as follows:

1) Trustworthiness- honesty, integrity and being open with vulnerabilities, not pretending to know if he doesn't.

2) Care - really getting to know the client through regular conversations and demonstrating care for the client's personal as well as financial situation and willingness to point to the right person or in the right direction for solutions.

3) Legal and Ethics - ensuring that products are suitable and meets the clients objectives despite unsolicited inputs, taking into account the client's investment knowledge, past experiences and risk tolerance while acting in the client's best interest.

4) Professionalism - excellent service via good business practice focusing on what matters and delegating administrative activities, timely feedback and responsiveness to queries or matters of interest, taking time to explain products and their nuances for example the behavior and structure of bonds and protecting one from oneself always focusing on capital preservation.

Retired Engineer, Calgary