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Tyler Marche
Joy Loewen
Lucas Sciacchitano

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4881 Yonge Street
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Toronto, ON
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Our Equity Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is founded on our core belief that wealth management doesn’t need to be complicated.  It needs to be simple.  In this vein, we follow the principles of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway, in that we only provide investment solutions we understand fundamentally.

As part of this approach, we focus on owning companies which:

• Have a track record of creating shareholder value
• Have management that treats shareholders as partners
• Are trading below intrinsic value
• Have a simple, easy to understand business model

We tend to manage concentrated portfolios composed of quality businesses we want to own for many years. We believe this approach will maximize long-term performance, improve after tax returns, and keep costs to a minimum.