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Trevor Shannon

1600 Carling Ave.
Suite 700
Ottawa, ON
K1Z 1B4

My Commitment

The commitment I show, as a financial advisor, to the people I work can be compared to the strong partnership between an athlete and coach. An athlete may have natural talent, skill, and determination yet benefits from the disciplined encouragement and guidance of a good coach.

Talent alone will not ensure success for the athlete. In the same way, your potential assets alone may not insure financial security. Just as a coach provides the training and motivation the athlete needs to win, I will coach you with the incentive to exercise wise and informed investment options.

I am determined to partner with you—as a coach partners with an athlete—to help you simplify your financial plan. I have the expertise to design a disciplined and flexible investment strategy.
You increase your chances of success by surrounding yourself with people who can help focus your efforts. Let me provide the focus to maximize your financial security. It would be my privilege to work with you.