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Brian Self
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Toll Free: 800-387-9314
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50 Burnhamthorpe Road West
Suite 1400
Mississauga, ON
L5B 3C2

Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Services for business owners, corporations and individuals

Discretionary and non-discretionary fee-based portfolios

Reliable income solutions for retirees

Is the first question going through your mind right now… "Why should I read past the first line?”

If you are looking at websites for investment professionals, you are probably looking for signs of integrity, a desire to clearly understand your needs, deep caring about your well-being and competent, effective execution.

Well, you have come to the right place.

Self-Dusmet Wealth Management listens to you, to understand your ongoing needs, goals and desires, so that we can help you and your family - and others you care about - navigate successfully, the many transitions you will experience in your lives.

When we formed our team, we discovered that as such, we were significantly more than just the sum of our parts. Our team continues to grow. Self-Dusmet Wealth Management continues to evolve, with the goal of increasing the value we offer, over the long term. Our goal is to create lifelong relationships.

We have a few simple principles that we live by:
  • We listen first, to understand your needs

  • We always tell the simple truth, whether it’s to our colleagues, our suppliers or our clients

  • Our client’s needs come first - everything else supports that premise

  • We communicate often to all of our clients

  • We limit the number of clients we have, to be able to take very good care of those who we commit to

  • We are process driven: we use processes we have developed to assure that there is an excellent fit between our capabilities and your needs so that the relationships we develop can last a very long time – hopefully lifetimes.


We have a process for all the key parts of our business


We apply parts of the Self-Dusmet Strategic Planning Process to help growth investors identify what they need to achieve steady, repeatable growth of their assets in the accumulation phase of their lives.

The Self-Dusmet Strategic Planning Process also applies to help near retirees and retirees maintain their assets and use them (or prepare to use them) to provide the income they need to enjoy their lives after they leave the workforce.

We recognize that everyone has slightly different needs and we guide our clients down their own paths to achieve their goals. For many of our clients, we take elements of one process and add it to the other to create that ideal fit.