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Tina Maltese
Nicola Miller

1959, 152 Street
Suite 270
White Rock, BC
V4A 9E3

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is fundamental to the way we work with each of our clients. We are passionate, empathetic and motivated individuals committed to helping each of our clients achieve their goals. This is derived from our business beliefs and our core values.

Our Five Business Beliefs
  1. We believe individuals often make investment decisions before clarifying purpose.

  2. We believe clients are looking for advice, guidance and counsel from experienced professionals.

  3. We believe clients may never create or achieve their desired lifestyle if they do not commit to an ongoing planning process by defining goals, reviewing potential life transitions, creating a smart and adapted plan and following through with the plan.

  4. We believe successful wealth accumulation requires a team of devoted and passionate professionals.

  5. We believe a professionally managed and disciplined portfolio is the best solution during challenging or exuberant times within the capital markets.
Our Solutions
  • We take you through our five-step process to ensure an appropriate outcome

  • Our discovery process is thorough and will elicit great response encouraging clarity and awareness

  • We encourage our clients to think about the bigger picture and their true desires

  • We create a realistic wealth plan that is truly tailored to your circumstance and within the realm of reasonable – your true desire

  • We respectfully require true commitment from all participants of the plan

  • We have the ability to connect all resources no matter which wealth management opportunities you may have

  • We have the resources to create a highly sophisticated portfolio with over 40 world-renowned portfolio managers at our finger tips