The U.S. Election and Equity Markets

Theo Bousalis - Sep 28, 2020

The U.S is heading into a divisive election and this has been top of mind for clients.  We caution against making investment decisions based politics – as evidence shows little bearing on the absolute performance of the stock market.  We remind clients that political rhetoric is fast and fiery, whereas policy is more measured and moves slowly.

Uncertainty is part of investing, and we always want to provide context.  In that vein, there are two events that we’d like to bring your attention to.

1. Brian Belski - Certain Uncertainty
This is a replay of Brian's most recent market update.  He tackles the U.S. Election head-on and provides his insights to the current market environment.  The registration link can be found here.


2. The U.S. Election Dialog Series
The second is a three part virtual event run in partnership with the Globe and Mail.  There are a number of high profile presenters that should provide interesting insights.  Clients can register here.