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Dear Terry, Tammy & Carol Mae, Thank you all so much for the Thanksgiving rememberance. It is always such a surprise when I find this package from you in our mail box each October and always a surprise when I see what is in it! Are we ever enjoying this year's contents! The Gravelbourg Mustard is superb. It is amazing the number of varied products that are coming out of Sask. It is time we have ceased to be a 'have-not' province. It is the dedication of people like you that have helped to bring it about.

I really appreciate your attention that you haven't forgotten me now that I have moved to this far away land! Regards, Nancy B., Retired School Teacher, Ontario. Client since 1986.

'From our many discussions and consultations dating from 1990, you are aware that investment management, capital preservation and income generation were crucial to maintaining a comfortable, worry-free lifestyle..... I would now like to say these objectives have indeed been achieved with your excellent advice. I take this opportunity to thank you for the attentive and generous amount of time you devoted to the successful management of my portfolio.' Sincerely: Reginald B., Retired. Client since 1990.

'You understand our financial needs. We are worry-free and have peace of mind when dealing with our investments. Again, thank you for your professionalism, and we would definitely recommend your services to anyone.' Bob & Carol C., Retired Small Business Owners. Clients since 1991.

'Our relationship has not only been a very rewarding experience, but a very pleasant and friendly one. I find the Orpen Team to be part of my life and have no hesitation in advising anyone to join this great Wealth Advisory Team.' Respectfully, Wilf B. Retired, Client since 1993.