Referring Family or Friends

Life changing events such as a divorce, the loss of loved one, or a severance package usually command a professional to assist through the process, develop prudent investment strategies and execute a dynamic and cohesive action plan.

Alternatively, no different than seeking a second opinion for medical advice, we believe invstors have the right to exercise the same option with their investments. This way their decisions are informed ones.

Many clients have asked me if I would provide guidance to those who they care about. The answer is; "Yes. Thank you!"

Two comfortable and effective ways that you may wish to make the introduction is;

Ask if you could pass along their contact information to me. I would be happy to call them directly to answer any questions.

Send an e-mail with my website address ( and include me in that email. With your permission, I will follow up with them to address their specific questions and provide them with the information they may be looking for.

I believe that trust and confidence is earned.  I am committed to making my clients' investment experience a successful lifelong journey as their Advisor.