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Susan O'Brien
Kathy Eliuk
Blair Baert
Robyn Carson

Tel: 403-503-7748

888 - 3rd Street SW
Suite 4100
Calgary, AB
T2P 5C5

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7th Floor, 350 - 7th Ave. SW
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Our Clients

Our clients are primarily senior oil and gas executives.

They are extremely busy in their professional and personal lives and wish to enjoy life while delegating day to day decisions to professionals.

Focusing on senior oil and gas executives gives us a unique advantage of understanding intimately the challenges and opportunities they face. This translates into making more informed decisions and ultimately taking actions to get things done.

By design we keep our client base small so that we can focus on each client's unique needs.

Client's come to us with five main concerns.

1. Investment Management

Clients who come to us from other firms have been devastated in the marketplace because no one took the time to really understand them. They were given solutions without a proper diagnosis and examination to make sure the investment 'prescriptions' were the correct ones. We employ conservative risk managed portfolio strategies.

2. Lifestyle / Retirement

Will I have enough money to live the life I want? We work diligently to plan ahead for the rest of our client's lives. We model tax efficient after tax cash flow income required to provide for their life today and tomorrow. We adjust the plan for changing economic conditions as well as our client's changing lifestyles.

The real value of our work is to provide peace of mind in maintaining your lifestyle without compromise.

3. The Impact of their Wealth on their Children

We work with our client's children in budgeting, savings, investment management and the stewardship of wealth. We understand the connection between family wealth and philanthropy in stewarding the next generation. We have been successful in setting up Family Charitable Funds providing a benefit to the community, and a real benefit to adult children to assist them to become better stewards of their wealth.

4. Taxes

Our clients are concerned whether they are taking advantage of all strategies to minimize taxes. Client's have had large tax refunds, one client received over $100,000 because of a tax credit strategy we employ annually. Another client has saved in excess of $300,000 on potential US Estate Taxes. We look at family income splitting as well and other proven strategies to minimize tax.

5. Estate Planning

Our clients are concerned about the distribution of their wealth once they are gone. Most of our clients come to us with inadequate or non-existent personal planning documents. We ensure that these documents are prepared, up to date, reflect their wishes; as well as take advantage of all tax savings. One of our clients was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. No other broker, banker, lawyer or financial advisor had actually worked to have their wills, EPOA and Personal Directive completed. We did, and the clients were very thankful. We always deliver on what needs to be done.

Our client successes result when we eliminate our client's chief concerns.