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Foreign Markets

Canadian Investors Need International Exposure

As global markets shift, and the US dollar slows pace, the feeling of major economic change is beginning to resonate across the globe. These changes are beginning to worry many investors, as they are unable to keep up with the dynamic global economic conditions. While others worry, The Kaszas Group is at the forefront of economic research, nationally as well as abroad. Thanks to long lasting personal and professional relationships within the BMO community, The Kaszas Group has access to the latest economic data, as well as research reports and outlooks. Due to external market demand as well as demand from our existing clients that wish to take advantage of this information and economic shifts, The Kaszas Group specializes in providing international exposure to a wealth of international clients.

International Investors Need Canadian Exposure

One of the key movers in this global economic shift is the strong Canadian dollar. Economic studies have shown that between forecasted rising commodity prices, strong employment and labour productivity, and the current account surplus the growth of the Canadian dollar has not yet peaked. Licensed under one of the country's few U.S. retail registered financial institutions, The Kaszas Group provides their US and international clients direct exposure to tap into this economic expansion.