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Physicans and Self-employed Professionals

3 Financial Phases for Physicians

We work with our clients through all stages of their careers

The Protection Phase: Residency- You have finished school and likely have some debt. You will need some basic Insurance and a plan to save and pay down debt. We can help you with strategies to work on both of these in a tax efficient manner
The Pay-Down Phase: Transition to Practise - You may be married and/or have a family so may be juggling the time commitments that come with running your practise and taking care of your personal life. You have larger insurance needs to protect your life and your ability to earn (critical illness and disability). Investments stategies that you begin here will have a huge impact on your retirement. You may be considering the benefits of a personal corporation. We can advise on all of these and keep you up to date with changes in legislation regarding corporations.

The Accumulation Phase: Solidly in Practise - Your focus here is on accumulation with thought on how your savings will be taxed in retirement. Your income has increased so that tax planning becomes a major consideration. Your investing options have increased and may include RRSPs, TFSA , leveraged Life Insurance, personal pension plans and other alternative retirement savings strategies. You may have previous insurance products that need to be evaluated to see if they still work for you. Financial planning means different things to different people and we believe it is simply making smart decisions about your money with your goals in mind. There are many aspects to your financial picture which include

How you earn money    
How you spend money  
How you save money    
How you borrow money
How you give money     

We can help with every phase, contact us and we can start the discussion