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Our Services

At BMO Nesbitt Burns, we have all of your wealth management needs covered.

Financial Planning

•Goal setting
•Cash-flow analysis
•Net worth assessment
•Investment planning
•Retirement planning
•Income and asset protection
•Estate planning
•Tax efficiency

Investment Planning

•Establishment of investment objectives
•Asset allocation strategy development
•Portfolio design and security selection
•Investment management and advice
•Selection and monitoring of investment managers
•Periodic portfolio reviews and rebalancing

Credit and Banking Strategies

•Effective credit management – mortgage, line of credit, personal
business loans
•Cash management

Retirement Planning

•Identify goals
•Evaluate expected income
•Determine additional savings needed
•At retirement, develop a tax-efficient
income strategy

Protecting Your Lifestyle

•Income continuance planning
(life and disability insurance)
•Develop asset protection strategies
(mortgage life insurance, business
continuation insurance, critical illness
and long-term care insurance and
insurance for estate planning).

Legacy Planning

•Asses current and potential
estate value
•Determine obligations (debts,
dependants, taxes and probate costs)
•Identify estate planning issues
and opportunities
•Devise strategies to fund obligations
and wishes

Tax Efficiency

•Review current and future tax
•Uncover opportunities to save taxes
or defer taxation
•Develop strategies to cover future
tax liabilities

Business Financial Services

•Access to Commercial Banking
•Business investment management
•Succession planning and business
transfer assistance

Philanthropic Giving

•Establish a donor advised fund
through the BMO Nesbitt Burns
Charitable Giving Program