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Scott Coombes

Scott Coombes
Sharla Vander Vliet

1 Court House Square
Brockville, ON
K6V 3X2

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We have 5 core investing beliefs.  We believe:

  • Performance matters.  Clients should understand the impact of achieving incremental returns on building their wealth and meeting objectives sooner.  
  • Risk should be managed, not avoided.  The key to good investment returns is to have a system that manages risk.  Through understanding our clients’ needs and objectives, we determine the appropriate asset and currency allocation to best manage their risk exposure.
  • In quality investments at reasonable valuations.  We invest directly in companies with reasonable valuations in attractive industries.  We include selective mutual funds and ETFs when they are preferred over individual securities.  We avoid unnecessarily complex instruments. 
  • Managing emotion and behaviour is crucial to investment success.  People don’t make the best decisions when they are emotional.  In all market conditions, we aim to manage risk and performance with appropriate and timely asset mix and investments.
  • In providing valuable service.  Clients need to clearly understand the fees they pay and the value of the services they receive in return.