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Our Philosophy

Understanding the Big Picture

A guiding principle to our approach can be summarized by the ‘punch line’ of an old joke "If you don’t care where you end up, any direction will do”.

Until we have a clear understanding of your needs and life goals (the ‘where’ you want to end up), how can one give appropriate investment advice (the "direction’)?

What makes us stand out is how we help individuals, business owners, and professionals navigate through the complexities of the financial landscape. Our role is to make sure "all the pieces fit together” into a coherent picture. As everything is always in motion, we are also constantly monitoring and evolving your plan as events and changing goals alter your desired course.

No ‘cookie cutter’ solutions

We tailor our solutions to fit the client, not the other way around. Our disciplined processes allow for a level of customization that we believe is missing for most Canadian’s. We impose discipline on our process, so that we can in turn provide flexible, customized solutions.

One example of this discipline can be found in our Integrated Asset Allocation Process.

Integrated Asset Allocation Process

There are 3 layers to the process:

1. Multilevel Strategic Asset Allocation – we craft an Investment Strategy that contains a specific asset mix (mixture of stocks & bonds) to meet your long term objectives. However we also take this one step further – and recognize that not every account has the same purpose. We look at each account as a separate piece, but make sure it coordinates with, and fits into the overall big picture. An account that is meant for retirement, or to fund business succession – shouldn’t have the same investments as the account that is to meant to fund a vacation.

2. Tactical Asset Allocation –we make ‘course corrections’ to your portfolio to take advantage of the ever changing investment climate. This may mean a slight shift in the strategic asset allocation, or perhaps the geographic weightings. Sometime is might mean adding new products that have a new way to capture these trends. While we are constantly on the lookout for new ways of doing things, we only adopt the "new way” after a thorough and critical analysis.

3. Dynamic Asset Allocation – we have access to some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry to ensure your portfolio is automatically rebalanced to your appropriate strategic and tactical asset allocation. This key part reduces volatility – one of the greatest enemies of long term investment success.

We tie this process back into our holistic planning by using two unique means: our personalized Wealth Map and our rigorous Quarterly Review Process.

All of this is designed to deliver on the "Promise of Wealth Planning” – to help you achieve your goals, to help you end up "where you want to go”.