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Robert N. Hesp, CFP, FCSI, CIWM
Li Yu 俞笠, MBA
Jessica Banka
Frank Lapierre, CFP®, CLU
James Waters, BBA, CFP, CIWM

Tel: 1855-305-2851
Tel: 905-354-1211

80 King Street West
Suite 600
St. Catharines, ON
L2R 7G1

Other Locations

BMO Bank of Montreal
6760 Morrison Street
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 6Z8

Hesp Wealth Advisory
905-354-1211 or 1-855-305-2851

Hesp Wealth Advisory is conveniently in Niagara Falls.
6760 Morrison Street
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 6Z8

905-354-1211 or 1-855-305-2851

"Live Your Ideal Life... Innovative Global Family Wealth Leadership for Accredited InvestorsTM"

You are successful. Your business and career reward you well. Your family and its responsibilities are important and cherished. You love living your well earned lifestyle.

Yet, you're overwhelmed by money and the process of financial planning. You want to turn your Money into WealthTM.

How do you find a financial professional who is both competent and trustworthy? What strategy would make all the difference for your financial future? Based on your values, your financial plans are about more than simply immediate and long-range goals?

We focus on "Values-Based Financial Planning" to help you make smart financial choices based on what's important to you. Our five-step approach makes the process easy and effective:
1. Identify your values.
2. Set your goals.
3. Benchmark your current financial reality.
4. Create your Financial Road Map.
5. Guide you in creating your Wealth Strategy and implementing your Wealth Plan.

We help you answer "What should I do first?" and create your personal Financial Road Map. As a client, we create and implement your Wealth Plan reflecting the important goals you seek in your future and the rich values you already hold today.

Our ideal client families have their entire financial lives in order and we help them keep it that way for the rest of their lives. They invest $5,000,000+ in securities (a new client family joining our practice, minimum investment portfolio $1,000,000).

What does our Ideal Client value?

  • Relationships, health, business and lifestyle – “Ideal Life”
  • Money and using it advantageously
  • Achieving goals
  • Being confident and clear about the future
  • Living life with people who matter the most and doing favourite activities
  • Regular face-to-face contact
Who is our Ideal Client?
  • Financial delegator
  • Appreciates value for money and professionalism
  • Focused on business, family and lifestyle
  • Likes us and we like them
  • Over $5,000,000 in net assets (minimum $1,000,000)

Note: Who qualifies as an accredited investor?