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Robert Chalanchuk
Sahar Farajollahi
Kirstin Mazza

Fax: 604-443-1530

885 West Georgia Street
18th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E8

Our Process

When you become a client

When you choose to become a client you will enjoy access to our Structured Breakthrough Experience. Completeing this process provides you with the tools to maintain your financial plan. Additionally, It will give you the time and freedom to pursue your life goals and objectives, knowing with confidence that your wealth is being managed by a team of professionals you know and trust.

Our Comprehensive Four-Step Assessment

1. Tell Us About You

What's your story? Where are you from? And most importantly, where do you want to go? Together, we'll assess your current situation and identify the right opportunities for you.

2.  Our Holistic Approach

Using a holistic approach, we look at your financial and personal situation to determine reasonable goals for the future. We believe an all-encompassing approach is the only one that works.

3.  Your Perfect Fit

A step-by-step planning process to get you where you want to be. We identify challenges and provide you with the strategy and tools you need to achieve your goals

4.  The Progress and Action Review

We hold regular reviews to determine your progress and revise your plan as necessary.