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Robert Chalanchuk
Sahar Farajollahi
Kirstin Mazza

Fax: 604-443-1530

885 West Georgia Street
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Vancouver, BC
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How We Manage Your Investments

Our Investment Style

Founded in 1995, Chalanchuk Wealth Advisory is headed by Robert Chalanchuk, a highly skilled portfolio manager with more than 20 years of wealth management experience. A firm believer that active management is essential to achieving your long-term goals, he employs a top-down view with a sector focus that is supported by our firm's industry-leading research.

Today, more than ever, we believe that it's critical to find opportunities in currency, geography and sectors.  Fortunately, our firm's research team includes two of the industry's top fundamental strategists and one of its top quantitative analysts – a combination that provides a powerful foundation for portfolio construction, and a clear picture of risk and return.  Research is continuously questioned and positions are scrutinized on a regular basis by our analysts.  Additionally, Robert continually reviews individual positions to ensure that each investment thesis still holds; if not, they are replaced with better opportunities.

Our Investment Process

To ensure every decision we make for your portfolio is the best approach, we employ a strategic five-step investment process:

  1. We start by identifying the top North American industry sectors for the next 12-18 months and determining target sector weights. These views are tested against our firm's quantitative analysis.
  2. Then we apply a custom filter to generate a targeted list of 80-90 companies.  Among the factors we consider are the risk and reward associated with each position.
  3. By cross-referencing top picks from our research providers and using filters from quantitative analysts, we're able to hone in on the top 40 companies in a particular sector.
  4. After applying a combination of technical, relative strength and fundamental ratings, we arrive at an optimal model portfolio of 20 to 30 companies.

Our Sell Discipline

At Chalanchuk Wealth Advisory, we use a strategic approach to determine when your positions should be sold, based on the following factors:  

  1. The price reaches full valuation according to our fundamental analysts.
  2. We identify a better opportunity for you within the sector.
  3. The catalyst for growth is impaired.
  4. Quantitative analysis signals that it's time to exit an industry or individual company.

We believe investors need to approach long-term investing as a series of short-run strategies.