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Robert Chalanchuk
Sahar Farajollahi
Kirstin Mazza

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885 West Georgia Street
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How are we paid?


Managed Porfolio Account – MPA

More than 95% of our existing clients and all of our new clients pay us a monthly, all-inclusive fee for the services we provide, called the MPA fee. Being 'all-inclusive' means that clients who are on the MPA program pay no brokerage commissions when securities are bought or sold on the markets, no fees for swapping securities between currently taxable accounts and tax-deferred accounts like RRSP accounts, and no annual registered account administration fees. The MPA fee also pays for the array of financial advice we offer, such as the detailed personal financial projections designed to answer such questions as "Can we maintain our lifestyle when we retire?”

MPA fees are fully tax-deductible each year when paid by taxable accounts such as personal accounts, most Trusts and Corporations. Fees applicable to RRSP and RRIF accounts are paid directly by the particular account.

To learn more about the fees for our discretionary program, please contact us directly.

Non discretionary accounts - Meridian
Our Fee Schedule for discretionary accounts is similar, but not identical, to the fee schedule for Meridian, non-discretionary accounts.

To learn more about the fees for our MPA and Meridian programs, please contact us directly.