Investing & Planning

Tailored to You 

As components of your full wealth management plan, we offer:
  • Discretionary portfolio management
  • Tax and business succession planning 
  • Family, estate and retirement planning
  • Diverse, disciplined approach to investing
  • Risk management
We are an active team; we do our utmost to ensure each client receives personal attention. We don’t sit on the sidelines; we utilize a variety of research tools both inside and outside of BMO Nesbitt Burns to constantly analyze financial markets and find opportunities for our client portfolios. 

Strategic Planning for Life

By evaluating your situation and your goals, we will develop your personalized wealth management plan. Once this stage is complete, we will provide you with an outline on the next steps to achieve the income, growth – or both – you will want or need in the future.  This sets clear parameters to support the active management of your portfolio toward your goals.

Your flexible wealth management plan will change as your needs change.  Going through a major life event or a change in objectives will often necessitate an update to your plan, which is why we recommend discussions at regular intervals to learn of any changes and adjust your portfolio to reflect them.

Investing Alongside you

We’re invested right alongside you — it is what you would expect of stewards of your wealth.   If you feel volatility, so do we. We believe in alignment with your best interests and transparency in all that we do.  

Our team’s experience spans almost 100 years in wealth management, we’ve successfully navigated several stock and bond market cycles.  We have learned a great deal over the years.  A guiding principle has been:  Managing risk is just as important as staying disciplined in our portfolio management decisions.