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Estate Information Organizer - A must have | Hide

When it’s time for your executor to step in, would they know, for example, where your Will and life insurance policies are? The Estate Information Organizer will help you organize this information for your family or executors (referred to as a "liquidator” in Quebec) in order to administer your estate or act as the Power of Attorney for Property.

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Corporate Executor | Hide


While many individuals delay preparing their estate plan, it is an extremely important part of your overall wealth management planning.

When developing an estate plan, your choice of Executor is crucial to ensuring your affairs are managed according to your wishes. Knowledge, impartiality and accessibility are just a few of the skills and qualities needed to properly oversee and administer an estate. Our new article, Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Corporate Executor, provides guidance and explains why you might consider appointing a Corporate Executor in your Will.

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