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Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is conservative in nature. Our goal is to provide financial planning advice in a clear and straight forward manner. We design financial plans around your specific needs and goals and use state-of-the-art research and individual profiling methods to build your investment portfolio. Your portfolio can be comprised of all or as many asset classes required to meet your investment goals. For example, we use money market investments, bonds, preferred shares, income trusts and equities and will only use mutual funds to gain exposure to specific industry segments or foreign investments. In order to determine a client's ideal asset mix, we begin with meeting the client and determine the client's long-term objectives. Whether our clients are conservative income-oriented or growth-oriented investors, our team will design an investment strategy that best fits their unique needs.

Investment Style

In keeping with our conservative approach to investing, we will use bonds and equities as markets dictate and in accordance with recommendations from our top ranked Research Department. When considering equity investments, we are guided by the following twelve points:
  1. Buy quality.

  2. Buy great companies at attractive valuations.

  3. Understand that there are times when markets misprice businesses.

  4. Buy top management.

  5. Look for strong balance sheets.

  6. Buy companies that are leaders in their field.

  7. Invest in businesses that are easy to understand.

  8. Buy companies with growing earnings and strong cash flow.

  9. Look for low price earning multiples.

  10. Diversify in foreign securities – Canada is confining.

  11. We will only buy growth and cyclical stocks at reasonable valuations.

  12. Look for companies that pay dividends and have attractive return on equity (ROE).
Products and Services

We offer a traditional brokerage account with standard commissions; the BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian account, whose all inclusive fee allows clients to see the benefits of working with our team along with the option of on-line trading; the BMO Nesbitt Burns Advance, Quadrant and Blueprint programs, which offer you access to some of the top money managers in the US, Canada and around the world.

Retirement Planning

Working with the BMO Nesbitt Burns sophisticated planning software, we are able to provide our clients with a customized, easy to understand road map to achieving their retirement income goals. While no one can predict the future, this program can help to make it clearer, allowing you to evaluate the impact of inflation and taxes on your retirement income, or how much money you will need to save to read your retirement goals. Most importantly, you will have the information necessary today to allow you to chart your course to financial success.

Estate Planning*

Estate Planning is a basic component of any thorough financial plan. We work with our in-house Estate and Insurance Advisor** to combine advanced expertise on estates, insurance, and tax planning with our high quality investment advice; this brings unmatched strategic capability to the estate planning process.

Beyond the main estate planning services, we can assist in a variety of related areas, including estate preservation, charitable giving, small business succession and planning, cross-border (Canada-US) financial and estate planning, and maximization of retirement income.

Portfolio Review Service

If you have questions or concerns regarding your own portfolio, please contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation portfolio review.

What Our BMO Nesbitt Burns Team Brings to You

As a full service investment firm, information and advice are value-added benefits of your investing partnership. With a top ranked* Research Department and a team of product specialists you are assured of high quality investment recommendations that are essential to the growth and security of your capital.

BMO Nesbitt Burns also employs a state of the art client information system. This enables us to quickly assess relevant details on your portfolio, and communicate effectively with you. Whether answering your question, analyzing your portfolio's return or providing you with a transaction history, our resources allow us to give you the personalized service that you deserve.

About BMO Nesbitt Burns

One of Canada's leading full-service investment firms, BMO Nesbitt Burns serves the investment needs of individual, corporate, government and institutional clients. For private-client investors, BMO Nesbitt Burns' Investment Advisors draw on the firm's top-ranked* investment research and broad range of products and services designed to meet the specific investment objectives of individual clients. BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisors provide their clients with timely advice, high-quality service and one of the broadest selections of products in the business. In addition to the traditional equities, fixed income securities and mutual funds, BMO Nesbitt Burns has developed an extensive and growing line of proprietary products.